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Doogee DG550

$ 125

 Doogee DG550 16GB Black, 5.5 inch 3G Android 4.4 Smart Phone, MTK6592, 8 Core 1.7GHz, RAM: 1GB, Dual SIM, WCDMA & GSM(Black)


1. DOOGEE, founded in March 2013, is the third largest independent brand subordinated to KVD International Group. 
2. DOOGEE advocates "quality and experience", imposing strict examination on each procedure from design to production. In terms of quality, all products of DOOGEE are subject to strict high standards and high-quality testing processes to ensure that every user has perfect experience. 
3. We hope that DOOGEE is a milestone-type industry brand: the essence, exquisite appearance and flexible operation of products endowed by designers convey to the user the hope and enjoyment of life. 
4. We hope that in the entire industry DOOGEE is extraordinary refined: through the usage of DOOGEE products by users, the leisure time in life brings more happiness and affection, helps users harvest friendship and love, and creates memory and missing thoughts. Enjoyment of life is what DOOGEE products create for users.

Brand Wisdom
1. DOOGEE more embodies the attitude to life, the messenger promoting the spiritual progress of human beings, the media of peoples positive emotional exchanges and the advocate for the development of human intelligence and technological innovation. The active innovation and continuous breakthrough of conventional ideas are created by DOOGEE team not only to provide users with instant touching moment, but also for the satisfactory experience brought by products, the feeling of which can be enjoyed and passed on to others ultimately. 
2. DOOGEE can be translated as "Dao Ge". In ancient China, "Dao" had the meaning of justice, truth and the right path. In terms of form translation, it has the meaning of restart and departure. "Dao" means righteousness; "Ge" signifies distinctiveness, reformation and unique quality; "Ge" also represents variety; DOOGEE implies innovation and trustworthiness, conveying infinite wisdom and expectations.

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