About Golden Harbour Limited

Golden Harbour Limited a child of Grand Golden Trading Limited and the owner of chinashopcart website, we are grated to develop Grand Golden Company. Our main issue is ecommerce business. Grand Golden Trading Limited is one of the most reputable commercial enterprises in China. We specialize at selling and distribution of the finest quality electronics, shoes, clothing, furniture, machineries, building materials, as well as light industrial products. Anything that you need for top of the line items is here with us. Since 1992 up until this moment, we at Grand Golden Trading Limited remained true to our commitment to give nothing but the best products and services to the entire clientele. We continue to serve as the channel that connects China’s marketplace to the global commerce. At present, we are proud to announce that we are the number one enterprise that anchors at mediation, sale, supply of goods, and follow-up starting from the moment of your purchase all the way to the successful point of delivery. Grand Golden Trading Limited warmly welcomes and assists you with anything that you need to be able to achieve comfortable and convenient living in China. You are assured that we will be with you the while time of your visits and see to it that you have secured purchase of goods accordingly. Our company have long been known for its efficiency and effectiveness when it comes to accompanying visiting customers and giving them the best accommodation experiences. If you are in for business transaction here in China, you can rely on our top quality services as well. Our knowledgeable representatives will take care of anything needed to make successful business deals, including translation experts. This way, you are guaranteed to obtain the best prices and deals for your business. As part of our commitment to make things easy for you, we provide you with convenient online page and email communication. Here, you will be able to communicate with us anytime you want to make orders, queries, and businesses. Here at Grand Golden Trading Limited, you are only working with the most trustworthy and excellent customer-based service provider.

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